From Civilian Life to Military Wife – A List.

The 10 Signs That You Are A Military Housewife


  1. You panic when you receive paper work that requires you to fill in your address history from the past five years.
  2. You don’t know any of your husbands friends and colleagues by their first names. They are all a last name with the optional “-y” or “-ie” at the end of it. Smithy, Jonesy,
    Awkward when their wives engage in leisurely chat with you referring to their other halves by their first name. Who now?!
  3. Everything gets written on the calendar in pencil. Because it is going to change.
  4. You’ve known your best friend for three weeks. She’d help you with a bikini wax if she was asked.
  5. Another spouse goes ‘Cray Cray Loco,’ and forgets her husbands rank is actually on his chest, not hers.
  6. When He gets on your nerves and you say, “Surely it’s about time you were due a trip somewhere.”
  7. He makes a good bed. When he’s around. 
  8. For some reason, you know the phonetic alphabet. Will come in handy. Said no one ever. But it sort of does.
  9. He has more clothes, shoes and bags than you ever will.
  10. You and He genuinely have the self sacrificing, ‘we can over come anything,’ kinda love that only happens in films made in the 90’s.

A cheeky 11. You pack like a boss.

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28 thoughts on “From Civilian Life to Military Wife – A List.

  1. As someone who has lived in at least 20 different homes in 3 different continents in my 31 years of life, I can relate to many of these things! And having been close friends with several military families, I can attest that the others are true as well 😉 Great list! #twinklytuesday

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  2. Haha! & number 10 is really sweet! A long time ago I had a boyfriend whose father had been in the navy – everything in their house was ironed into tiny squares! His mother said it was really annoying, as if you didn’t quite have the right hold on the piles in the airing cupboard, the whole thing would unfold concertina style!

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  3. I understand dreading the forms where your asked to write where you have lived. It drives me crazy as i’ve lived in over 27 homes. We are settled but it can drive you crazy writing all the places you ahve lived! I cant even remember anymore!


    Angela from


  4. Love this! As a non military wife, I used to get that form filling panic as I moved a few times while I was renting and could never remember the postcode of the house from three years previously! Great insight here too to the life of a military wife. So interesting. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  5. Haha, I laughed out loud at number 6! I’m not a military wife but sometimes wish I could use that thought!! hahah. A fab list and actually a very good insight into what life is like. Thanks so much for linking up to #thisweekiveloved xx

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  6. I hate filing in forms at any time so … does not sound good. As a non military wife I cant quite imagine the life you describe. I imagine that it must not feel quite your own, not that any of us are really in charge of our own lives in the way we would like to think we are. Interesting post. #wineandboobs

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    • You’re right, initially it is rather isolated, however, now that I have acclimatised … The world is your oyster, you’ve got the time and the support. Still doesn’t help with the post codes though. Why haven’t I written them all down somewhere?! x

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  7. That’s quite a skill set you’ve got there. I know what you mean about the forms asking where you’ve lived. In the UK to be a teacher you need to get periodic Criminal Records checks which ask for the last 5 years or the last 10 if you’ve moved over a certain amount of times. Makes me want to cry.

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  8. lol what a great list – it’s witty but I also learned a lot about what it’s like for you. I love that you can bond with the other wives so quickly. The quotes are fab too, feel free to link in with #candidcuddles this evening if you’d like 🙂 Visiting from #AnythingGoes x

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  9. Thank you for a glimpse of the a very different life to the one I have! Although, thinking about it, there are similarities … Vicar’s wives regularly go through the house getting rid of stuff because one day we’ll move and we don’t want to have to pack up stuff we’re not using. The house is always a borrow. Where you get shoes etc we get books, lots and lots and lots of books. And more books.


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